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An interesting video of a dialog for the ‘World Well being Community’ moderated by Yaneer Bar-Yam three pandemic response case research: Australia, Taiwan, and India. A part of an extended on-line convention on ending pandemics, with an intro video here (with Taleb, Feigl-Ding, et al)

The Australian bit is fairly good, the discuss is given by an OzSage physician. However the curious factor about OzSage is how a lot they stick with it concerning the vaccines whereas on the identical time acknowledging that the vaccines are “not sufficient”, though I might use phrasing extra alongside the traces of “manifestly insufficient” and “[disastrous] public well being pink herring”. I ponder if they’re simply semi-true believers or if they’re popping out a bit extra strenuously as professional vaccine to keep away from being slandered as ‘anti-vax’. Then again I’ve talked about earlier than the concept I’ve seen from medical doctors that I belief, broadly talking (affiliated with OzSage, I now suspect) who’re pushing this concept of the vaccine as a 3 course vaccine (she mentions this within the video). Once more, which will or will not be the case, it’s actually above my paygrade to opine on at this level, although I have to admit that I’m closely sceptical. The purpose is, in case you do need to make that your present campaign (and I believe it’s a waste of sources given the opposite extra essential public well being precautions we might and ought to be taking) it’s a must to be extraordinarily goddamn humble once you do it, given the quite a few errors of credentialled would-be well being consultants to date. Humility is so as.

However sure, I discover the “vaccines are usually not sufficient, and by the way in which, have we informed you ways essential vaccines are?” messaging to be a bit inept, to be sincere. The perfect, easiest messaging on the vaccines has come from Bar Yam himself (paraphrasing, you’ll discover the precise line someplace on his twitter): “if you don’t suppose you may keep away from getting contaminated with covid, get the vaccine”. Easy and sound recommendation, and that’s what I’m doing, however it’s not likely public well being recommendation, is it? It’s particular person well being recommendation. That’s not on him in fact – that we’ve made a device that advantages particular person well being someplace within the vary of predominantly to solely the sole focus of our public well being coverage response in fact gibes with policymakers on this late neoliberal period. it’s each man for himself now, child!!

And once more, these people who find themselves very sensible, very nicely knowledgeable on medication, and pro-vaccine typically, as I’m, can’t see the vaccine forest for the timber: In case you like vaccines, usually and in precept, as I do, then contemplate: when individuals have been informed over and over how essential vaccines are, that we’re now in a pandemic of the unvaccinated, how we’d like a vaccine-plus technique (my conception of the vaccines since July is that they’re and ought to be the final line of defence towards covid – the airbag you depend on when all the things else has failed, whether or not you’re utilizing masks, vitamin D, ivermectin, the entire above, or spend most of your time dwelling alone bare within the woods – and completely nothing has occurred within the intervening months to weaken that private little vaccine hermeneutic. So why vaccine-plus, and never, say, N95-plus? Let’s take the initiative, as a substitute of being reactive to the general public well being coverage that’s untrustworthy within the first place – sorry, lengthy digression), how vaccines are (a literal quote from an inexcusably small quantity of months in the past from our state Premier) “the street out of the pandemic” – when individuals realise, as they undoubtedly will from expertise, as we all know from a lot anecdata, that this was all bullshit on this occasion, will this a) enhance the layperson’s angle to vaccination per se? b) worsen it or c) make no distinction?

[ b). It’s b).]

When the following vaccine comes alongside, and let’s say for the sake of argument that it’s essential and obligatory, all that belief could have been squandered, and it’ll develop into that a lot tougher a promote. Theoretically, for such a vaccine, if the last word goal was elimination or eradication within the technical epidemiological senses of these phrases, I might help mandates. However that belief, too, has been squandered. Your first shot at mandating a significant medical intervention of this scope and scale has to rely, has to stay, as a result of any subsequent try is unquestionably going to be that a lot tougher. As an alternative we’ve squandered it on these deluxe flu vaccines. It’s so silly.

The opposite factor from that video that vexed me is mentioning the pre-June/pre-Delta vaccine coverage of the federal authorities, when the Prime Minister et al mentioned that vaccine provide was “not a race”. Now, I’ve little doubt ScoMo mentioned this out of full self curiosity, as a result of he realised he cocked up vaccine provide. Whereas that is yet one more follow beat our second charge mouthbreather of a first-rate minister with, in truth the purpose was completely right. And whereas many understood the intrinsic limits of those specific vaccines in December final 12 months (for Australians, verify Robert Clancy’s article in – ugh – Quadrant), the peerlessly, fantastically scientific factor to do would have been to make use of our benefit to look from afar and see how the vaccines really labored as a public well being measure earlier than permitting covid to determine a beachhead and turbo-driving the vaccine provide in a manner that was at all times going to be a catch-up train, a coverage that borders on the criminally negligent (whereas in fact failing to replace our steerage on masking with an emphasis on respirators/good masking, air flow, explaining airborne unfold, and so forth.). It was apparent by July (thanks NC!) that they weren’t going to be adequate, wherever, anyhow.
I additionally don’t see how a Zero Covid nation pondering itself entitled to vaccines that have been in truth irrelevant so long as Zero Covid was maintained (and it might have been, for lots longer), when there have been so many extra jurisdictions clamouring for the vaccines is something apart from straightforwardly unethical. However nevermind, right here’s a guardian article on the noble plight of Sudanese drag queens as a substitute.

In the meantime, our state well being minister just lately shared this unctuous braindead crap. What the hell are they pondering?

The tip of restrictions in Melbourne final 12 months as an unambiguous victory achieved with actual, significant group solidarity, and the months of comparatively carefree freedom we then loved together with the remainder of Australia – summer season christmases with our households with out having to fret about infecting them with the dying virus, that form of factor – have been our prize. Till the vaccines got here alongside and we have been as a substitute informed “no, really, you don’t have to achieve success, you could possibly be failures as a substitute. You should use a fast non-fix to offer individuals the phantasm of solidarity and let individuals suppose they’ve completed their half for the group with two straightforward pictures, then usher within the mom of all false dawns”. The lifting of restrictions this month has been a desperately tragic nadir that might deliver tears to the eyes if I wasn’t already just about useless inside.