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Man Creates Bird Feeder That Trains Magpies To Exchange Trash For Treats The Animal Rescue Website Information (Furzy Mouse).

Jens Weidmann: Too close for comfort? The relationship between monetary and fiscal policy Financial institution of Worldwide Settlements. Weidmann is President of the Deutsche Bundesbank and Chair of the Board of Administrators of the Financial institution for Worldwide Settlements. “What may pose explicit issues is the mix of unsound public funds and a persistently extremely accommodative financial coverage. It may very well be habitforming. Low-cost cash could also be more and more seen as the conventional state. Underneath these situations, even excessive debt burdens could seem sustainable to governments. However what if situations change?” Maybe some central financial institution maven within the commnetariat can translate these oracular pronouncements.

Deutsche Bank rebuffed ECB over call for action on leveraged finance FT

The Biden Rally Has the Look of Fool’s Gold Bloomberg

Big US tech stocks emerge as election winners FT. That’s good. The pandemic has been excellent to Huge Tech, and the oligarchs who personal it.

Pontifications: Aircraft prices, rents plunge Leeham Information and Evaluation. “Wall Road aerospace analysts inform LNA that Boeing Chicago gave Boeing Seattle the greenlight to supply what it takes to promote the MAX.”

‘Lots of people are going to suffer’: Nouriel Roubini on the possibility of a double dip recession and its impact on the labor market (transcript) Yahoo Finance (Re Silc).


Declines in SARS-CoV-2 Transmission, Hospitalizations, and Mortality After Implementation of Mitigation Measures— Delaware, March–June 2020 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. “State-mandated stay-at-home orders and public masks mandates coupled with case investigations with contact tracing contributed to an 82% discount in COVID-19 incidence, 88% discount in hospitalizations, and 100% discount in mortality in Delaware throughout late April–June.” If that what it takes, nevertheless, Biden’s plan will not be sufficient. Neither is it clear to me that stay-at-home orders scale, absent earnings assist. The entire article is price studying in full. It does appear that an implementation that was, to place it mildly, incomplete (“Amongst 6,527 interviewed sufferers with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19, 5,390 (83%) both refused to call contacts or couldn’t recall contacts”) can nonetheless have constructive results..

Implication of backward contact tracing in the presence of overdispersed transmission in COVID-19 outbreak (preprint) medRxiv. From the Abtract: “As a result of there’s proof that the variety of secondary transmissions of SARS-CoV-2 per case reveals substantial individual-level heterogeneity (i.e. overdispersion), usually leading to so-called superspreading occasions [3–5], a big proportion of infections could also be linked to a small proportion of authentic clusters. In consequence, discovering and concentrating on originating clusters in addition to onwards an infection will considerably improve the effectiveness of tracing strategies. Right here we discover the incremental effectiveness of mixing ‘backward’ tracing with typical ‘ahead’ tracing within the presence of overdispersion in SARS-CoV-2 transmission, utilizing a easy branching course of mannequin.”

On Randomized Trials and Medicine Zeynep Zufekci, Perception. Trisha Greenhalgh has been making similar points for a while. Commentary:

A degree I’ve been making for a while.…

The States Are Laboratories for Covid Control Scott Gottlieb, WSJ. Gottlieb is saying that in a Federal system, pure experiments on the state stage have been useful. Does that suggest a nationwide coverage would have been untimely? (excepting PPE and Undertaking Warp Velocity, maybe).

How Privatization Hobbled Sweden’s Response To Coronavirus Jacobin

Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (PDF) WHO

Luis Arce Catacora tomó posesión como presidente de Bolivia Razón. Oddly, or not, there appears to be no protection of this within the English -language press in any respect.


After Joe Biden election win, China will seek to renegotiate trade deal, Beijing advisers say South China Morning Submit

Niall Ferguson on Cold War II and the Death of ‘Chimerica’ The Wire China. Commentary:

What Stanley Black & Decker’s Shenzhen Departure Tells Us China Regulation Weblog

Amid Price War and Unpaid Wages, Couriers Strike And Strive Sixth Tone

The PLA’s AI Competitions The Diplomat


Amidst intense stand-off with China, 11 steps Indian defence policy makers should consider The Scroll

India Looks to Poor Farmers to Rescue Its Virus-Ravaged Economy Bloomberg


Iran’s president calls on Biden to return to nuclear deal AP

Trump administration plans “flood” of sanctions on Iran by Jan. 20 Axios

Azerbaijan says key Karabakh town captured, Armenia says it didn’t happen France24

New Chilly Battle

Russian Media, Officials See a Deeply Fractured US Following Election Russia Issues



Trump does not plan to concede any time soon, aides and allies indicate Reuters. Someplace, the Norms Fairy is weeping. In the meantime:

Final I checked, there was no Constitutional requirement for a concession speech, and the press doesn’t certify election outcomes.

Pulling A Rosie Ruiz: The Risky Business of Calling American Presidential Elections Jonathan Turley (anon in so cal).

Scoop: Inside Trump’s legal warfare Axios. Assertion from Trump:

Trump will lose his Twitter ‘public interest’ protections in January The Verge

* * *

Smile, Democrats. Trump Lost. You Won. Josh Barro, New York Journal

Yes, Our Long National Nightmare is Finally Over Molly Jong-Quick, Vogue

Hoping for a return to normal after Trump? That’s the last thing we need Yanis Varoufakis, Guardian (Furzy Mouse).

I Want Deeds, Not Words Present Affairs

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems George Monbiot, Guardian. “The switch of public energy to non-public oligarchs.” Thread:

America in November 2020: a Structural-Demographic View from Alpha Centauri Peter Turchin, Cliodynamica (Re SIlc).

Biden Transition

Donald Trump has lost to Joe Biden, what’s next? The presidential transition from hell. Norman Ornstein, USA As we speak

Trump is attempting a coup in plain sight Ezra Klein, Vox

* * *

The Biden-Harris plan to beat COVID-19 Biden-Harris Transition. Commentary:

To be honest, it could be that the Biden workforce conceptualizes “individuals’s funds” below the stimulus bundle. That stated, a hasty studying reveals that testing might be free, however not therapy. There might be contact tracing, however we don’t know whether or not ahead, backward, or each, and in any case the 100,000 determine for tracers appears unmotivated. The masks “mandate” consists of jawboning recalcitrant states and localities. And an excellent technique to restore “accountability in our authorities” could be to have a public inquiry on the bungled CDC testing program, and to repair no matter went unsuitable, precisely as occurred when the ObamaCare web site crashed on launch. Oh, wait…

With Murthy, Nunez-Smith, and Kessler, Biden leans on experience to steer Covid-19 task force STAT

Biden Team Crafts 2021 Vaccine Logistics Amid Distrust of Trump Bloomberg. From September, nonetheless germane: “Biden’s well being workforce, lots of whom labored within the administration of President Barack Obama, are leveraging decades-long relationships with U.S. authorities officers to maintain tabs on President Donald Trump’s initiative to ship a vaccine in file time, the individuals stated.” And we haven’t heard something from them but…

How will Biden fight the virus? Macroeconomics. Learn all the best way to the tip.

* * *

Biden set to unwind Trump agenda after winning US election FT

Biden pick creates furor, underscoring bitterness over Obama immigration policy The Hill (anon in so cal).

‘SNL’ host Dave Chappelle urges Biden voters to be ‘humble’ winners The Hill. To be honest, Chapelle truly mentions dropping life expectancy. However then there’s this: “Chappelle additionally joked about ‘poor white individuals’ that he stated ‘don’t like carrying masks,’ saying, ‘What’s the drawback? You put on a masks at a Klan rally. Put on it at a Walmart too.’” Let the therapeutic start!

Democrats in Disarray

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Biden’s Win, House Losses, and What’s Next for the Left (interview) NYT

The CIA Democrats in the 2020 elections WSWS. Part Two. From August, nonetheless germane. Should-read.

Trump Transition

Election Day Failing Puts DeJoy at Risk of Contempt Order Courthouse Information

Census takers say they were told to enter false information AP

Our Famously Free Press

100 Years of Media Lying (free) WSJ. Wealthy coming from the WSJ Opinion Web page. Good nonetheless!

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Myth of Endless Wars The Nationwide Curiosity

Guillotine Watch

The Vainglorious Eternals Go Golfing The New Republic

Gabriel Byrne: ‘There’s a shame about men speaking out. A sense that if you were abused, it was your fault’ Guardian

Hollywood and ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Mourn Alex Trebek: ‘A True, True Gentleman’ Selection

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