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Cute Experiment Reveals How Your Cat Probably Wants Its Meals Served Science Alert (Chuck L). I all the time made my cats sit up (as in stand on their hind legs briefly) to get dinner. However that’s lots much less work than doing a puzzle.

Texas Policeman Spots 2 Hungry Horses on Hurricane-Devastated Property, Decides to Step In Epoch Occasions (furzy)

NY woman, 29, is cuffed and thrown in cell after cops caught her walking her dogs without a leash and she couldn’t remember her new address Day by day Mail. What’s unsuitable with these Karens, um, individuals? This text takes up the NY Put up spin, however studying between the strains, what received this lady in hassle was her making clear she meant to proceed to defy the requirement to leash her canines within the park. What do you suppose would occur in case you have been caught dashing and received all stroopy with the cops and instructed them you’d do it once more? Then when the police went to ticket her, she tried to get out of it by saying she didn’t know her handle (her supply to take them to her apt was taking part in the percentages that they wouldn’t hassle or couldn’t go away the park as park police).

A Mural-Making Spree Lifts Spirits in Buffalo Bloomberg (David L)

Instagram says sorry for removing Pedro Almodovar film poster BBC. Certainly one of my movie buff associates factors out, with some annoyance on the trade, that Almodovar is the one director to point out frontal male nudity.

Fashion boom in recycled plastic comes with a price tag Monetary Occasions. Together with environmental.

July was world’s hottest month ever recorded, US scientists confirm Guardian (Kevin W)

A Sicilian Town Sends an Omen of a Much Hotter Future New York Occasions (furzy)

Amid Extreme Weather, a Shift Among Republicans on Climate Change New York Occasions. Simply as all of them grow to be Keynesians when helpful, as Richard Nixon identified.

Can AI Make a Better Fusion Reactor? Spectrum IEEE (David L)

Deleting unethical data sets isn’t good enough MIT Know-how Overview (David L)


Existential Matters Level Journal (Anthony L)

Loners help society survive, say Princeton ecologists EurekaAlert (David L)



Upgrade Your Face Mask: 5 Ways To Filter Out More Particles NPR (David L)

That is the kind of story that drives me loopy: Peru study finds Sinopharm COVID vaccine 50.4% effective against infections Reuters. First, that is just about what Sinopharm present in its medical trails. Second, that is ALL INFECTIONS, not tracked by Pfizer and tracked however not reported by Moderna and Astra Zenaca. Third, buried is that the efficiency v. deaths is consistent with some Western vaccines: “The vaccine, nonetheless, was 94% efficient at stopping deaths after two doses.”

Wildfire smoke linked to thousands of coronavirus cases on West Coast SFChronicle

The World May Never Reach Herd Immunity Against Covid-19 Bloomberg. That is the lead story! The silly, it burns (as within the perceived necessity to put in writing this piece).


‘Warning of Covid ‘disaster’ in Japan as cases explode Guardian

In new documentary, WHO scientist says Chinese officials pressured investigation to drop lab-leak hypothesis Washington Put up (David L)


The most vaccine-hesitant group of all? PhDs UnHerd (resilc). Flow into extensively.

63 people in Martha’s Vineyard have tested positive for Covid since Obama’s 60th birthday bash Day by day Mail (resilc)

27 vaccinated people test positive for COVID on Carnival ship ABC Information

Face mask fights escalate in Texas and Florida as delta variant of COVID forces Louisiana to send ambulances to other states MarketWatch

Don’t Be a Schmuck. Put on a Mask. Atlantic (David L)

‘Has Never Happened In Our Community’: Amador County Parent Attacks Teacher Over School Mask Mandate CBS Sacramento

Finance/Financial system

DELTA is Coming For Your Economic Recovery Huge Image. Um, as has been clear for some time to NC readers.

The value of space during a pandemic Financial Letters (resilc)

Federal judge rejects effort to block eviction moratorium The Hill


New questions over China’s role in Leaving Cert exam RTE (PlutoniumKun)


U.S. Embassy Shredding, Burning Documents in Case Taliban Wins Bloomberg. Resilc: “In case????????”

A Saigon moment looms in Kabul Asia Occasions (Kevin W)

‘It may never happen’: The $88 billion gamble on the Afghan army that’s going up in smoke Politico

From Dan Okay. Please learn the entire thread:

Afghanistan’s Unraveling May Strike Another Blow to U.S. Credibility New York Occasions. Resilc: “I can’t cease laughing.”

Afghan war: Kabul’s young women plead for help as Taliban advance BBC

Water wars in the West Bank Modoweiss


US Wins Right to Appeal Health Grounds on Assange Extradition Consortiumnews (UserFriendly)

Huge Brother is Watching You Watch

One Bad Apple Hacker Issue. Necessary even in case you aren’t an Apple particular person, since Apple is about to kick off a brand new race to the underside. Paul R:

It describes in detailed however I believe not too technical phrases how the scheme works, what its failings are, and why Apple needs to do the scans in your cellphone as a substitute of by itself servers (reply: they will’t entry your recordsdata on their servers with no warrant, however in some way they *can* do it in your cellphone).

Using AI to Scale Spear Phishing Bruce Schneier (David L)

The Vanishing Legacy of Barack Obama Matt Taibbi

Cuomo Defenestration

Will Hillary Clinton run for NY governor? Expert weighs in amid Cuomo scandal WNCT (UserFriendly)

Anthony Weiner announces NY governor bid in wake of Cuomo resignation BeetPress (UserFriendly)

Nina Turner’s Defeat Wasn’t Only About the Onslaught of Big Money Smears Standing Coup (UserFriendly)

Meet The Democratic Socialist Holding Barack Obama’s Old State Senate Seat Present Affairs (UserFriendly)

Making Sense of the Census Sardonicky (UserFriendly)

Contra Hanania On Partisanship Scott Alexander (UserFriendly)

Police State Watch

Squirrel Leaps Could Help Scientists Create Flexible, Jumping Robots Day by day Beast (David L). As in Parkour-using robotic canines the higher to chase “suspects” which have included protestors.

‘Reservation Dogs’ Breaks Comedy TV Ground With Its Indigenous Cast And Writers NPR (David L)

Portland Looks Like Shit. Who’s to Blame? What Can be Done? Alex Beyman (furzy)

The end of Bretton Woods after fifty years Cash Inside and Out (guurst)

Consumer sentiment measure falls to pandemic-era low, sees one of largest drops on record CNBC

Treasury yields slide as concerns over Delta virus knock US consumer sentiment Monetary Occasions

Class Warfare

Zillow, Other Tech Firms Are in an ‘Arms Race’ To Buy Up American Homes Vice. Paul R:

I interviewed with Opendoor a couple of years in the past and on the time they instructed me they have been there to easy out transactions for patrons; they weren’t there to flip homes or speculate. I suppose that modified.

Amazon Installs Huge Lockers On A Chicago Park’s Sidewalk, Confusing And Frustrating Neighbors Block Membership Chicago (Paul R). A brand new wrinkle on privatizing the commons.

Antidote du jour (Alan T):

And a bonus from AE90. That kitten is so calm!


My mothers retriever and her new kitten that was rescued! #goldenretriever #kitten #dogsofttiktok #catsoftiktok

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