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Hyperlinks 8/6/2021 | bare capitalism

With drones and bananas, China coaxes wayward elephants home ENCA

Squirrels Use Gymnastics to Navigate Treetop Canopies Scientific American

Macaques at Japan reserve get first alpha female in 70-year history Guardian

Observation-based early-warning signals for a collapse of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Nature. Summary solely (for [family blog] sake). Press release. Science Alert. See put up right here.

How the Northern Sea Route will change the world’s major traffic flows Nikkei Asian Assessment. Cellular-friendly, and takes eternally to load. That stated, it’s an excellent visualization and definitely worth the wait.

How the Fed’s digital currency could displace crypto Gillian Tett, FT

Are households indifferent to monetary policy announcements? (PDF) Financial institution of Worldwide Settlements. Yellow card for the Betteridge’s Regulation violation.


The Origins of Covid 19 (PDF) Home Overseas Affairs Committee Report Minority Workers. The Biden Administration/’s 90-day evaluate on this subject is due on August 24. If this story turns into Benghazi/RussiaGate/2020 election theft, that will be dangerous.

Zero possibility! Legal experts involved in the safety certification of the Wuhan virus laboratory refute the “laboratory leak theory” What China Reads. Undecided “lawyer” is true, however attention-grabbing nonetheless.

* * *

How COVID-19 vaccine supply chains emerged in the midst of a pandemic (PDF) Petersen Institute for Worldwide Economics. Horrid supply, attention-grabbing work. Right here’s a helpful chart:

Not precisely the Manhattan Undertaking; maybe that’s the scale on which Xi (see under) proposes to work.

* * *

A vaccine-only strategy won’t prevent a fourth wave of COVID-19 Toronto Globe and Mail

Subcutaneous REGEN-COV Antibody Combination to Prevent Covid-19 NEJM. From the Dialogue: “This trial confirmed that, all through the 28-day remark interval, the achieved concentrations of a single subcutaneous dose of REGEN-COV prevented symptomatic an infection; thus, REGEN-COV has potential use as long-term prophylaxis in individuals in danger for SARS-CoV-2 an infection. Over the identical interval, the incidence of asymptomatic an infection was additionally decrease amongst individuals who acquired REGEN-COV than amongst those that acquired placebo.” CIDRAP summary. The remedy is expensive. Nonetheless, good to see advances which might be not vaccine-related.

* * *

Covid-19 Breakthrough Infections in Vaccinated Health Care Workers NEJM. From the Dialogue: “On this research, we characterised all Covid-19 breakthrough infections amongst 39 absolutely vaccinated well being care employees through the 4-month interval after the second vaccine dose and in contrast the peri-infection humoral response in these employees with the response in matched controls. We discovered a low charge of breakthrough an infection (0.4%). Among the many 39 employees who examined constructive for Covid-19, most had few signs, but 19% had lengthy Covid-19 signs (>6 weeks).”

* * *

What’s the Difference Between KN95 and KF94 Masks? and What’s the Best Way to Store and Protect My COVID Vaccine Card? The Strategist

TTC disinfects its buses frequently to fight COVID-19. But the agency’s own data shows the cleaning might be making things worse Toronto Star

California orders health care workers to be vaccinated against COVID by Sept. 30 KTLA. FDA be damned.


Xi says China aims to provide 2 bln COVID-19 vaccine doses to world in 2021 -CCTV Retuers

Why it might be good for China if foreign investors are wary Michael Pettis, FT

Biden offers Hong Kong residents in US temporary safe haven Channel Information Asia

Explainer: What is China’s “campaign-style” carbon reduction China Reuters


Completely by coincidence, a number of Myanmar articles concurrently seem within the mainstream press:

The Diplomats Without a Country The Atlantic

Myanmar’s Military Has Weaponized COVID-19. In My Village, We Did Everything We Could to Save Ourselves Time

Myanmar Opposition Leader: We Need More Help From Biden to Defeat the Military Junta David Corn, Mom Jones. Insanity. We have now type. We’ll [family blog] it up.

* * *

U.S. State Dept. No.2 Sherman speaks with Myanmar shadow government Reuters

Vietnam emerges as Southeast Asia’s next fintech battleground Nikkei Asian Assessment

Vietnamese manufacturer puts nasal spray, injection vaccine against COVID-19 into final clinical trial Tuoi Tre Information


‘Stealth investment’: Chinese money finds its way into Indian tech as IPOs boom South China Morning Put up


Searching for the Next War: What Happens When Contractors Leave Afghanistan? The Diplomat

Hundreds of Colombian mercenaries to fight for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen Center East Eye

Ramaphosa shows his hand as cabinet changes consolidate his power Instances Dwell


Lord Bethell’s new phone Good Regulation Undertaking

The Caribbean

Haiti: On Interventions and Occupations Black Agenda Report

Haiti requests U.N. commission to probe president’s killing Reuters

Russia and Venezuela to Implement Energy Security Joint Projects Venezuelanalysis

New Chilly Conflict

The Right Way to Split China and Russia Overseas Affairs

Splitting Russia and China Irrussianality

Global Times Interview With Board Member of Russia’s Valdai Discussion Club: US And Its Allies Are The Past; Russia and China Are The Future Understanding Russia

Biden Administration

CBO says bipartisan infrastructure bill would add $256B to deficit over 10 years The Hill. Pocket change.

Business Groups Call on Biden to Restart Trade Talks With China WSJ

Huge Brother Is Watching You Watch

Apophenia Edward Snowden, Persevering with Ed

L’Affaire Joffrey Epstein

Bill Gates calls divorce ‘a sad milestone,’ friendship with Jeffrey Epstein a ‘huge mistake’ NBC. So how’s that divorce going, Invoice? Good attempt:

However I don’t assume it labored. On one other word, I assume individuals like Epstein, Gates, et al. can be whitelisted by Apple’s scanning software program. Or, higher, they’d be offered some form of Platinum Service that prevented scanning, like precheck in airport safety queues. In spite of everything, beneath neoliberalism, what’s extra simply bought than belief?

Imperial Collapse Watch

After Just 11 Years in Service, USS Independence Is Taking an Early Retirement Widespread Mechanics. “There appears to be one thing flawed with our bloody ships at present.”

Sailor Charged with Starting the Fire Aboard the Bonhomme Richard Maritime Govt. Offered for scrap at $3.66 million. I don’t know what the alternative price is, however you’ll have to maneuver the decimal level.

Guillotine Watch

Why Covid-19’s second pandemic summer is hitting differently MSNBC. “The sensation that normality has slipped by way of fingers — once more — is overwhelming.” You’d assume MSNBC would have burned a gap of their stomach, they stare upon their navels so onerous.

Class Warfare

Richard Trumka’s legacy will be the AFL-CIO’s future Strike Wave

Taming The Greedocracy Present Afffairs

‘Homesickness for a place you haven’t left’: A conversation with Stephanie Soileau Southerly

Antidote du jour (via):

Bonus antidote (DK):

DK writes: “That is my neighbor’s yard, which seems to now be a fox sanctuary and breeding floor. There have been a pair of foxes taking part in in my yard, however by the point I obtained my digital camera, discovered that I used to be taking footage of myself, turned the digital camera round, the second fox had disappeared….”

See yesterday’s Hyperlinks and Antidote du Jour right here.

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